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Created in 1989, Atomic scored a Game of the Year award for its very first game. Since then, Atomic has released more than a dozen games, helped launch an entire game genre and pioneered the use of commercial games to train military officers and enlisted warfighters.

V for Victory

One of the most influential strategy games of all time, Atomic’s first game was a recreation of the Normandy invasion that helped define historical video games. Atomic followed it up with more V for Victory games, as well as the popular World at War series.

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Close Combat

Atomic’s Close Combat series forever changed strategy games by merging realistic battle simulation with frenetic action, pioneering the “real-time tactical” genre. PC Gamer named Close Combat one of the “50 Best Games Ever,” and Gamespy named it a “Top 10 Strategy Game of All Time.” It sold more than a million units.

Close Combat: Marine

In 2003, Atomic completed Close Combat: Marine, the first game of commercial origin to be integrated into training curriculum throughout the US Marine Corps. Since then, Atomic has created many training tools for the world’s leading military and intelligence organizations.

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Breach PC Box


Atomic Games’ first-person shooter for Xbox Live and PC unleashed enough destruction to change the very nature of multiplayer combat. Atomic’s proprietary technology let players — for the first time — crash ceilings on opponents, disintegrate cover, punch holes through floors, blow out walls, and even collapse entire buildings. The Breach demo was downloaded more than one million times.

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Six Days in Fallujah

Six Days in Fallujah recreates the true stories of Marines who fought in the largest urban battle of the past half-century. It was conceived by Marines who fought in the actual battle and is being created with the help of many dozens of Marines, soldiers, and Iraqis who were there. Unfortunately, Atomic’s funding partner in the project decided it did not want its brand associated with the controversy surrounding the Iraq War, so it pulled out of the project. However, Atomic remains committed to finishing Six Days in Fallujah.

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